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The Travel Makeup Case makes traveling with all of your beauty products a breeze! It has an integrated removable mirror with adjustable LED lighting.

It also features a compact, lightweight design with an ergonomic, soft rubber handle.



 PORTABLE : Whether you’re taking a quick day trip or traveling across the globe, this makeup case will take care of any needs imaginable. 
 STYLISH : The classy but modern design is perfect for anyone looking for an original alternative to their basic makeup bag.

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 NATURAL LIGHTING : The integrated LED light casts a natural, true shade of light on your face during makeup applications. 
 EASY TO USE : A single-tap button turns the light on or off, and is used to adjust the brightness levels.


 ADAPTABLE MIRROR STAND : The rotatable bracket allows you to use the mirror from any angle or position. You can stand the mirror up on the corner of its case vertically or horizontally. Likewise, you can also let it rest it on a countertop.
 LONG LASTING CHARGE : The built-in 1500mAh lithium battery is USB chargeable and will last for up to 50 hours of use.(charger included).

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