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Sneaker Slippers One Size Fits All

From US 4 – 12

All Day Cozy Comfort Inside and Outside Your Home!

These Great slippers feature a retro design to look just like trendy basketball sneakers.  The red, white, and black come together to create a clean, pristine look.  These will pop out especially with your favorite pair of dark joggers or pants, bringing everyone’s attention to your Cozy footwear!

Great for your next house party or family gathering, be the talk of the party with your custom and very exclusive slippers.

Sneaker Slippers

Relax with your new favorite Cozy sneakers and feel the comfort of home anywhere.

Take your slippers with you. On vacation or to your cottage to get that great Cozy feel on the road.

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Get a pair for your loved one and sit back with your favorite drink and watch a movie in ultimate comfort.

Heat rises up, and Cold air drops to your feet. So perfect for any season, summer as the AC cools your feet and in the winter where the outside cold penetrates your home. Stay warm and cozy in style.

Small investment for years of style and comfort.

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