Nail Art Solid Extension Glue Set



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Indeed, even novices can finish lovely nail art expansions shortly. It has great gloss and strength, not exclusively can broaden nails, yet in addition can add jewels.

Product information:

Category: Phototherapy Glue
Shelf life: 1 year
Features: Extend the glue
Texture: gelatinous
Net content: 15ml (g/ml)
Ingredients: Resin
Specifications: normal specifications
Color classification: multicolor


Packing list:

Gel+brush+fake film*1



Product Image:

Nail Art

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 70 cm

2Threepiece suit, 8Threepiece suit, 1Fourpiece suit, 2Fourpiece suit, 3Fourpiece suit, 5Fourpiece suit, 7Threepiece suit, 6Threepiece suit, 7Fourpiece suit, 6Fourpiece suit, 8Fourpiece suit, 3Threepiece suit, 5Threepiece suit, 1Threepiece suit


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