Multifunction Weight Bench Reclining Chair Exercise Equipment


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Product Name: Dumbbell bench / sit-ups fitness equipment, home Multifunction Weight Bench Reclining fitness chair, enhance physical fitness, let you have a healthy and perfect body!

Multifunction Weight Bench

Multifunction Weight Bench Reclining Chair

>Product Name: Multifunctional dumbbell bench

>Model: Sit-ups fitness machine

>Material: Metal (high quality steel)

>Material: Thick and breathable PU leather

>Bearing capacity: 300kg

HS 13

>Fitness equipment category: Multi-function supine board

>Exercise parts: chest, back, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks

>Color: Black

>Foldable: foldable

HS 15

>Size: 121x47x135cm (47.6×18.5×53.1 inches)

> Suitable for the crowd: fitness men and women, teenagers, office people, sedentary people

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