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An Easy and Convenient Way To Keep Your Pet or Little Ones from Freely Wandering Around Your Home!!

Trying to keep your kiddos or pet out of your home office or any room? Our Modernsafety™ Door is perfect for doorways, between walls or stairwells.  It can easily be moved from one door to the next if needed.


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Say goodbye to the bulky gate that you screw into the wall and never stays up!  Our mesh door will be sure to do the trick!  Don’t worry about tripping or falling down trying to step over the old wooden gates.  Simply unhook and walk through!  It’s that simple.

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  • INSANELY CONVENIENT:  If you’re in a hurry just simply unhook the clip and walk through!  Keeping the kids or pets behind you (not retractable).
  • EASY INSTALL:  No tools needed for installing!  Just simply insert the rods at the end and attach the hooks and you’re all set!
  • STRONG MESH: Built with tough mesh woven fabric to withstand abuse from pets or kids
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE:  Don’t worry about having to put it in one spot forever.  Our door is portable.  Move it anywhere in your home.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: We know all doorways aren’t the same so choose from  3’5″ width or 5’9″ width.  You can roll one of the sides inwards to make the door fit your space!


Easy installation

1️⃣ Unfold Woven Fabric and stretch two metal poles for the max length

2️⃣ Insert the 2 metal poles into the tunnels on both sides of the mesh
3️⃣ Hook 1 corner and place where you want to install the Modernsafety™ Door
4️⃣ Hook other side and connect all 4 hooks
5️⃣ Enjoy the safety of the gate!


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