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Key Benefits:

🧲 Magnetic Connector: Our cables utilize a strong magnetic connector system. The metal tip protects your device’s port from dust while a round plug easily clicks into place for 360 degree rotation!

💡 Luminous Cable: Our cables glow-in-the dark! They come in four vibrant colors: rainbow white, lime green, sea blue, and coral red. Plug in the cable and watch it light up before your eyes!

🌈 Moving Color: When you plug in your device, a spiral of light runs along the cable from your charger to your device. You behold the wonder of electricity while watching your device charge in real time!

Rainbow White

Lime Green

Sea Blue

Coral Red

➕ Compatible with All Devices: We’ve got you covered with whatever device you have! Our cables come with three common connector options: Lightning Connector, USB Type-C, and Micro-USB. So whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, an iPad, Kindle Fire, or Samsung Galaxy, our cables will work for your device!

Current: 2.4A
Length: 1 meter
Material: PVC
Connector 1: USB-A
Connector 2: Lightning Connector, USB Type-C, or Micro-USB

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