iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector (3 Pack)


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  • Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G 6.7 Inch 2020 screen protector and camera lens protector. Screen protection film and lens protection film are both made of good quality tempered glass. The precise laser cut size can cover the entire mobile phone screen. They are very easy to install. Please watch our installation video tutorial before installation to ensure the correct installation method and ensure that the screen is clean and free of annoying bubbles. This Screen Protector Work with Most Case.
  • The combination of anti-fingerprint and HD functions. Plasma oleo phobic coating treatment, smooth hand feeling and effective anti-fingerprint, anti-greasy has light transmittance and optical level effect, it can effectively block and filter ultraviolet rays and enhance the visibility of the screen.
  • Ultra-thin and curved design. 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector maintains the original response sensitivity and touch, bringing you a good touch experience. The glass protector is a professional arc design, reaching an arc edge of 2.5D or more, making the fingers and hands feel comfortable and never scratching.
  • AR technology and night shooting function: specially designed iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G 6.7-inch camera lens protective film. The protective film adopts the new technology of “seamless” integration of augmented reality. With light transmittance and night shooting function, without the need to design the flash hole position, when the flash is turned on at night, the original quality of photos and videos can be restored.
  • Comprehensive screen protection: full-coverage screen protection film will fit your screen , and has a high-strength nano-elastic impact and explosion-proof effect to protect your phone screen to the great extent.The lens protection film has been verified against iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7Inch.
Screen Protector (3 Pack) iPhone 12 Pro Max

Screen Protector

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