iPhone and Samsung Case with 3D Video Retro Games



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iPhone and Samsung case with 3D Video Retro Games Gameboy Case

The Retro Gaming Case for iPHONES or SAMSUNG SERIES is HERE!
Play Retro 36 Games in Color
Get Yours Today Before Stock Runs Out!

 Cases with 3D Video Retro Games with a protective film, provide full bumper protection. THE PERFECT GIFT For Birthday, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. Even a gift for your self. Buy it now and have a fun!

Style: back cover
Material: plastic, TPU

1.Build in 36 Styles of Classica Games
2.Soft TPU Frame and Hard PC Case
3.Full Color Screen Gaming Case
4.360°Full Protection
5.Free Charge USB Cable

Please Note : There is a protective film on all Gameboy cases, If you got the cases with scratched screen, Please tear off the protection film, you will see the screen in good condition.

1.What games does it have?
Please check the game list

2.Will it protect my phone?
Yes, our newly released retro games cases provide full bumper protection. Ensures your phone is safe from any drop.

3.How do I charge it?
It can be charged with a micro USB cable that we include with every order.

4.How long does the battery last?
Our lithium ion battery gives you 5-7 hours of game-play per charge

5.Will it affect using my phone as normal?
Nope! iPhone and Samsung case  leaves all charging ports/head phone jacks accessible.

6.Is it heavy?
Not at all, our retro cases shouldn’t weigh more than any other phone cases you’ve had before.

iPhone and Samsung case with 3D Video Retro Games

iPhone and Samsung Case with 3D Video Retro Games

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