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Enjoy long and stunning lashes in 10 short seconds with EyelashPro™.

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Designed to lift and lengthen even the straightest eyelashes without pinching or pulling, bring EyelashPro™ everywhere you go for the perfect curling experience.

  • 10 Seconds To Perfect Curls
    EyelashPro™ gently separates your lashes while shaping them, giving you long and natural-looking curls that enlarge your eyes by 1.5X more. Providing all-day hold, EyelashPro™ curls every eyelash, including your lower lashes!
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  • Ready To Use Almost Instantly
    It only takes 10 seconds to warm up EyelashPro™ before using. Perfect for busy individuals, control the shape of your curves today.
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  • Pamper Your Lashes
    The protective slot on EyelashPro™ ensures that your eyelids are separated from direct heat when you are curling your lashes. What’s more, the temperature control design helps protect your precious lashes from heat damage, giving you a safe and comfortable experience.
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  • Unparalleled Convenience, Anytime, Anywhere
    Ditch your bulky manual lash curlers and say goodbye to pinching and pulling with EyelashPro™. The sleek and portable design of EyelashPro™ allows you to turn it on with the touch of a simple button at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use EyelashPro™?EyelashPro™ is the perfect eyelash curler for busy individuals. It only takes a total of 20 seconds to achieve stunning lashes.

    1. Slide the switch up to ON and let the curler heat for about 10 seconds.

    2. Gently lift eyelashes in a ‘Z’ motion, with curler against eyelid. Repeat action for 8~10 seconds (Do not press curler directly on the eyelid).

    3. Apply mascara for full and long lashes. instruc

  • Will I damage my eyelashes or burn myself when I use EyelashPro™?EyelashPro™ features a protective slot that separates your eyelids from the heat when you are curling your lashes.

    On top of this, the heat control design protects your precious eyelashes from heat damage. You can now curl your lashes pain-free with EyelashPro™.

  • What’s in the box?1x EyelashPro™
    1x Protective Layering Package

    Color: Purple
    Material: ABS + Silicone
    Note: 1 AAA Battery Required (Not Included)


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