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Summer is coming and with it our beloved friends, mosquitoes, with their empty stomach ready to fill.

With up to 90.9% efficiency, ByeBugs-chase emits a smart ultrasonic sound that preventsByeBugs-chase  mosquitoes from trying to bite you!



  • Easy to use: Just like a watch, put it on and turn it on, an unnoticeable sound will be emitted that mosquitoes cannot bear and away from it.
  • Enjoy your outings:?Mosquitoes are everywhere but they will no longer want to get close to you which means you will enjoy your days without bites!
  • Ultra Durability:?The powerful battery allows continuous use of up to 130 hours and its fast charge allows it to be ready in minutes!
  • ?Proof of everything:?Neither dust nor water will leave you unprotected, our patented technology allows you to be protected in all situations!

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Some repellents require the use of dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Some of them are particularly dangerous and should not be used by children.

Our ByeBugs-chase bracelet is a chemical-free option that has been proven to be effective in how it keeps mosquitoes away. It is nontoxic, and kind on the environment. It does not impact your health, it just keeps unwanted pests at a distance.

This means there are no fumes and no potential side effects. Because of this, ByeBugs-chase is a sensible choice for pregnant women, and young children as the lack of chemicals make it a safe, yet effective repellent for anyone.

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HOW does IT work?

Most products on the market use ineffective methods and fail to make a difference when it comes to repelling insects.

Our ByeBugs-chase bracelet is a product that has been proven to keep 80% of mosquitoes away. This makes it one of the most effective products available. It imitates the sound of the insect which keeps them at bay, making sure you stay bite-free. Using sound and frequency, it is not intrusive to your health and friendly to the environment.

The sound-wave it creates makes a barrier between you and the insect, keeping them away.

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It has 3 modes, for different circumstances:

  • After the power is turned on: One gear mode, suitable for daily indoor use. This is good because you can expect there to be fewer mosquitoes in your home than outside, so it doesn’t use as much energy, but will still be effective.
  • Press the button again: switch to the second gear outdoor mode. It is an outdoor sports mode. This uses more energy but is stronger, and has a larger range. This is important for keeping mosquitoes away as there is likely to be more of them around, especially in the summer months or in warmer climates.
  • Press the button again: switch silent mode. This is a lower-powered strength which will help to keep insects away, but also save a lot of battery life for when it is needed.



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