About Us

Our company has been active in recent years in the field of e-commerce.

Through the online Lombard Store, we sell high quality products at amazing prices (without the low price affecting the quality of the product) mainly in  US  but also all over the world.

With the experience of years we have in the field and through analyses of the market, our specialized staff finds the best products for you, combining quality – price.

We work with the largest shipping companies worldwide to achieve the fastest delivery of your orders, while many of our products that are in our warehouses in US  are delivered with even shorter delivery times.

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We are interested in having satisfied customers because “A satisfied customer is the best advertisement for your business and it is the best way to attract new customers to it”

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We, at Lombard Store,  believe a lot in the relationship between business and customer. For this, our highly trained staff is close to customers directly with 24/7  support, solving any questions they may have, answering all their questions about our products or their orders.

Lombard Store providing well-selected products in best prices.

Trust us!!!

E-mail: info@lombardstore.com

Tel: (908)899-2929

Find us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LOMBARDSTORES/ 

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