3600mAh Bluetooth Wireless Game Speaker Soundbar



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The 3600mAh Bluetooth Wireless Game Speaker Soundbar is a unique wireless speaker that delivers impeccable sound quality.
It has a lot of interesting features too. It has a clock, an alarm, and can be used as a home theater, and gaming speaker.
The 3600mAh Bluetooth Wireless Game Speaker Soundbar is specially designed to meet your entertainment needs.
But it does a lot more than that, it has a beautiful LED display screen that displays all its interesting features.
This stylish Bluetooth Speaker is a must-have for gamers and all those who love quality audio sounds.
Regardless of the brand of your computer or smartphone, it will be able to connect easily to this device.
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3600mAh Bluetooth Wireless Game Speaker Soundbar

Model: SH39
Audio input :AUX,USB,TF card,Bluetooth,FM play,PC mode
Battery capacity: 3600mah(Clock version and Game version)
USB/TF:support 32 GB
Bluetooth version:5.0

Package List:
1* Speaker
1*Charging Cable



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