10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad With Thermometer Calendar Clock



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10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect accessory for your bedside table. Place the alarm clock on your bedside table and set the alarm, while it charges your mobile

You can also use its night light, with 3 brightness levels. Is
the perfect solution to place on any bedside table without using much

Alarm clock
With its sober and minimalist design, this alarm clock with 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad and night light will adapt perfectly to your room. Setting the
time on the alarm clock is very simple.

Snooze mode
Set up an alarm to ring at the hour you need. Do you want to sleep a
few more minutes? Tap the alarm clock to activate the snooze mode and
add 5 extra minutes to sleep.

Night light with 3 brightness levels
The alarm clock incorporates a soft light night. Choose one of the 3
brightness levels as you wish.

10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad fast charge your Android and Apple devices
This wireless charger has a fast transmission power mode of 7,5W or
10W, to adapt to all the devices compatible with wireless fast charge
(Android and Apple).

The fast charge mode allows charging your
devices 1.4 times faster than the standard wireless charging mode.

The Qi charger will adapt the wireless charge to the standard mode
(5W) for those QI compatible devices which don’t allow the fast
charging mode.

Compatible with Qi
The charger is compatible with any Qi device.

USB type A port
Thanks to its USB type A port, you will also be able to charge devices
not enabled with wireless charging.


Timer+Wirelwss Charger (fast charging)

Led display of data (time, thermometer,… )

Easy to option


Input voltage and current: 9V/2A
Output voltage and current: 9V/1.1A
Output power: 10W
Input interface: Type-C
Packaging size: 174.5*126*125MM
Gross weight: 365g
Induction distance: ≤8mm
Charging efficiency: 72%
Material: pc
Type: wireless charger
Maximum current: 1.8A


Package content:

1x LED charger

7e50eb7b fc4f 49ae 9c2f 316ac60d2803c7868129 fbf5 41ca 86db a9692b8f19da444d3928 c86e 441a 8cfe d6832a166ed8e28226d4 aa37 4680 be61 3d22ee6f9c8e6f8b5849 8aae 4b80 bd4c 66ec4a4f804caa0ae99e 2121 4322 aeda cb27ad27321daa390786 5329 47d4 8023 18831f0d875b45a42565 aa0d 40be a4e8 75e1d097d30c56a2b098 6044 4f7e a4ce a755fa632b7268622f14 6a18 4114 b366 c8e9543da71a01a158f1 5927 45c5 bf73 3b6d72f46f07704756f0 76e6 4368 873c f31e3be26d611cf63b80 6e42 491c a3d2 9e434f89029110W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Weight N/A


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